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31 October, 2011

Pastel De Elote (‘corn-on-the-cob Cake’)

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Ingrients & Directions

5 Cobs of sweet corn
100 g Butter
100 g Cream cheese
5 Eggs
Cinnamon or vanilla

Put everything in the blender and combine well, but not to a perfectly
smooth puree, there should be little chunks of corn discernible. Pour into
a greased tin and bake for 1 hour in a medium oven. Serve with warmed syrup
poured over it. This is light, yet substantial, and has a unique flavour.
The syrup can be flavoured with cinnamon or vanilla too. The corn should be
the sweetest and freshest available, since the recipe contains no
additional sugar or starch other than what the corn provides.

Sarah Hoskin usp1001@aberdeen.ac.uk


1 Servings

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