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31 March, 2013

Candy Cane Cookies

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Ingrients & Directions

2 c Butter
1 1/2 c Sugar
4 x Egg yolks
2 ts Vanilla
4 1/2 c Unbleached flour
1/2 ts Salt
3 tb Peppermint candy
Red food colouring

Cream together butter and sugar. Add egg yolks and vanilla and mix well.
Sift flour and salt together and beat into butter mixture until well mixed.
When ready, divide dough in half. To one half, add 1/2 ts. red food
colouring. Using about a tablespoon of dough, roll a 4″ strip of each
colour (no fatter than a pencil). Place the two coloured rolls side-by-side
and press lightly together. Gently twist like a rope and place on an
ungreased cookie sheet 1″ apart. Curve the top like a candy cane and bake
in a pre-heated oven at 350 F. for about 15 minutes; do not brown. Sprinkle
with crushed peppermint candy before cool. Makes 20-30 medium cookies.
Personal Note: After trial and error, I found that it is easier to take
each tablespoon of cookie dough and roll in hands to form rough cylinder.
Then put on flat surface vertically. Using fingers and palm in same
direction, gently roll left and right until the size of a pencil. (the
dough, that is):) Pick a time to do these cookies when you’re feeling
creative and have patience. It’s fun and they are yummy! The end product is
worth the trouble.


30 Medium

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