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30 June, 2013

Fudge How To Make Good Fudge

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Ingrients & Directions

1 x General Instructions follow

Do not stir fudge once the boiling starts, unless the recipe specifically
requires it; unnecessary stirring may cause graining.
Beating fudge is very important. While fudge is cooling, it is necessary
to make the fudge creamy and smooth. Beating must be started while fudge is
comfortably warm and continued until it is almost firm. For fudges that
require cooling and beating, beat hot fudge in pan or pour the hot fudge on
a marble slab or formica; cool to lukewarm, then paddle with spatula, until
of the right consistency to spread.
Marshmallow creme may be mixed into many of the following fudge recipes
just before the fudge sets up to make a softer, lighter fudge. If fudge is
overcooked, marshmallow creme will help it from becoming hard and dry.


1 Servings

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